Midshipman Darvell
General Information
Gender Male
Affiliations Clara Webb
Status Alive
Debut Byzantium
Appearances Byzantium
Portrayed by Sam Riley
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Midshipman Darvell is a character seen in Byzantium.


Darvell is seen with Ruthven as he got a girl to go with him to the brothel. Darvell had become sick and wanted to find a way to become cured. He did research at the local library until a man told him that he was looking in the wrong place and he gave Darvell a map. Darvell, along with Ruthven and others made their way to the island. Ruthven had thought Darvell was dead, but he wasn't. Darvell came back to see Ruthven. He had given the map to Ruthven but Clara stole it and used it for herself. Darvell became a member of the brotherhood. He took Clara to get judged by the other members but to no avail as she is banned. Werner, Darvell and Savella had spend their time searching for Clara and Eleanor. Eleanor was found and so was Clara, she was about to get killed by Darvell but he saved her by killing Savella. Clara and Darvell is seen together at the end of the film.


They were friends before his untimely death.

He is a member of The Brotherhood and an associate of him.

An associate of Darvell.

She is his love interest.


In French, the name Darvell means- Town of eagles.. Other origins for the name Darvell include - French, English, English.The name Darvell is most often used as a boy name or male name.


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Film PortrayalEdit

Sam Riley  portrayed Darvell.


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