General Information
Gender Male
Occupation Hotel Owner
Affiliations Clara Webb
Eleanor Webb
Status Deceased
Debut Byzantium
Appearances Byzantium
Portrayed by Daniel Mays
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Noel is a character seen in Byzantium.


Noel had payed Clara for intercourse, they enter an empty room in the amusement park. She was about to unzip his pants when he started crying. He was mourning the loss of his mother. Clara had helped him with his somber emotions. They then decide to go back to his place.

While heading to the hotel,Clara sees Ella, Clara introduces her to Noel. Upon arriving at the hotel, Clara tells Noel to direct Ella to a room, which he does.

His home had been turned into a makeshift brothel Noel had been in a relationship with Clara for a while. The teacher had came to his home to ask Clara about Ella's story. Noel told Gareth that Clara is not present at the moment. Later in the film, as Ella leaves, Noel tries to stop Clara from preventing Ella to leave. Clara runs after Ella who had already been in the elevator. Clara tries to open the door and Noel tries stops her. Noel is then killed in the process.


His former lover.

She became a daughter figure to him.


nglish form of NOËL. Means "Christmas" in French. In the Middle Ages it was used for children born on the holiday. A famous bearer was the English playwright and composer Noël Coward (1899-1973).


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Film PortrayalEdit

Daniel Mays portrayed Noel.


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