General Information
Gender Male
Occupation Leader of The Brotherhood
Affiliations Werner
Status Deceased
Debut Byzantium
Appearances Byzantium
Portrayed by Uri Gavriel
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Savella is a character seen in Byzantium.


Savella is first seen giving a map to Darvell , helping him with his ailment. After Darvell had returned to the shore, Savella and Werner was there and had a man captive, he was given to Darvell to kill. Savella is also seen when Darvell brings Clara to the library after stealing the map from Ruthven . She was then banished from their brotherhood . Ruthven, Werner and Savella had spent years searching of Clara and Ella . Savella and Darvell had found Ella at her home, she was taken along with Morag. Morag was killed by him. Savella was killed by Darvell when he had given the blade to him in hopes that he would kill Clara..


A member of The Brotherhood and an associate of Savella.

A member of The Brotherhood and an associate of him.

They are his enemies. Their very existence goes against the laws of The Brotherhood.


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Film PortrayalEdit

Uri Gavriel portrayed Savella.


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