The nameless island.

The ancient Healing Shrine on the nameless island is a location seen in the film. shrine that has healing powers and is located in a cave on a barren island.

The ill person goes into the shrine and meets a 'nameless saint' that looks like him (or her). The doppelganger kills him/her. Hundreds of blackbirds (or possibly bats) emerge from the cave and the waterfalls on the hills flow red. Later, the newly-created vampire emerges, bloody but alive.

Byzantium Edit

Darvell was sick was searching for a cure. He was given a map to this healing shrine in order to get cured. He and Ruthven had set out on a journey to the island. Darvell entered the shrine and Ruthven noticed the blood-colored stream so he thought Darvell had died. Years later, Darvell returned and had given Ruthven the map, but a sick Clara had stolen it. Clara had taken Eleanor to the shrine after Ruthven had raped her. Eleanor then took a dying Frank.

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